Texas is known for being extremely affordable. With no income tax, it’s easy to see why so many people move here from other states. However, the true cost of living in Texas really depends on which Texas city you live in. 

Dallas is a business hub, airline hub and overall sweet place to live. As you consider whether to make the move to this metropolitan area, the overall cost of living in Dallas is a good place to start.

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Here’s how much it costs to live in Dallas, compared to the U.S. average of 100:

  • Grocery: 99
  • Housing: 100.23
  • Health: 98.3
  • Transportation: 116.3
  • Utilities: 100.8

These numbers are about equal to the average in the U.S. The good news is that this cost of living really only applies to those living near the city center. 

So, what about some of the neighborhoods around Dallas

Continue reading to see how some Dallas neighborhoods compare for cost living:


Northwest of Dallas is Irving, a city with all kinds of things to see and do. Residents enjoy visiting the Irving Arts Center and the various museums. The city is close to the DFW airport, making it easy for the nearby jet setters and national commuters to travel. 

Take a look at the cost of living in Irving, TX:

  • Grocery: 99.6
  • Housing: 93.9
  • Health: 94
  • Transportation: 111.2
  • Utilities: 100.2

There are many master-planned communities and affluent neighborhoods in Irving. Some of these include Hackberry Creek and Valley Ranch. The University of Dallas can also be found in Irving, making it a popular spot for students and faculty.

Grand Prairie

Grand Prairie is west of Dallas and has borders that stretch from I-30 all the way south to Joe Pool Lake. In Grand Prairie, you can enjoy scenic views at the many large parks and lakes or find something a little more interesting at Ripley’s Believe it Or Not. 

Here is the cost of living in Grand Prairie, TX:

  • Grocery: 99.1
  • Housing: 92.9
  • Health: 94
  • Transportation: 117.1
  • Utilities: 100

Popular neighborhoods in Grand Prairie include Mountain Creek, Candler Park and Avilla Heritage. Residents enjoy the easy commute to downtown Dallas and the various shopping, dining and entertainment close by. 


East of Dallas is the city of Mesquite. The area is known for its parks and historical structures. With Lake Ray Hubbard to the east and downtown Dallas to the west, it’s easy to understand why so many enjoy living in Mesquite. 

Here is how the cost of living in Mesquite, TX:

  • Grocery: 97.4
  • Housing: 90.6
  • Health: 94
  • Transportation: 117.8
  • Utilities: 100.8

Transportation is expensive in Mesquite because many people commute to downtown. Popular communities include Heartland, Ridge Ranch and Valley Creek. Homeowners or renters in Mesquite get urban, suburban and rural experiences all in one place. 


Prosper is a small town north of Dallas, however it contains some of the most sought after neighborhoods in Dallas. While it may not be close as to the city, residents get all that they need in their master-planned communities. 

Here is the cost of living in Prosper, TX:

  • Grocery: 105.6
  • Housing: 196
  • Health: 96.4
  • Transportation: 98.9
  • Utilities: 100.2

Although Prosper is a rural area, the up-scale communities within the area greatly increase the cost of housing metric. Light Farms, Star Trail and Auburn Hills are only some of the neighborhoods that offer world-class amenities and incredible homes. 


The area of Frisco encompasses an enormous amount of the Dallas area. It’s borders stretch from road 380 to the Sam Rayburn Tollway and from Lewisville Lake to Custer Road. There are all kinds of things to do in Frisco such as the National VideoGame Museum, all kinds of parks and water activities at the lake. 

Take a look at the cost of living in Frisco, TX:

  • Grocery: 104.4
  • Housing: 175
  • Health: 96.4
  • Transportation: 92.8
  • Utilities: 99.9

Housing is expensive in Frisco for the same reason that it is expensive in Prosper. Not only is Frisco an extremely attractive area to live in due to its proximity to downtown Dallas, but it also contains many master-planned communities and affluent neighborhoods. Panther Creek and The Trails are only two of these. Residents love living in Frisco for its excellent location and beautiful neighborhoods. 


Northeast of Dallas is the beautiful town of Garland. Nestled alongside Lake Ray Hubbard and only 25 minutes to downtown Dallas, Garland is a wonderful place to live. Residents can spend a day at one of the gorgeous parks or head to downtown Garland for a delicious dinner. 

Here is the cost of living in Garland, TX:

  • Grocery: 97.7
  • Housing: 85.5
  • Health: 94
  • Transportation: 119
  • Utilities: 100

This area is one of the least expensive places to live in Dallas, aside from transportation. Again, the cost of transportation is high due to commuters who work in Dallas. Some of the most popular neighborhoods in Garland are Kensington Gardens and Mill Creek. With a picturesque and convenient location, you can't go wrong with living in Garland. 

Moving to Dallas

The cost of living in Dallas is just one attraction of this Texas city. You can choose to live close to downtown and have some of the best food and entertainment located just minutes away. Or maybe you want to live far north and enjoy a suburban-rural lifestyle. No matter what your dream neighborhood is, you can find it in Dallas. 

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