Amenities, community and safety are usually among the top priorities when choosing a new neighborhood to move to. Whether you are a single professional, have a family, or are retired, the Dallas suburbs have it all.

In Dallas, TX, there is an endless supply of beautiful communities with incredible amenities and outdoor spaces. Continue reading to see if one of these top Dallas suburbs could be your future home.

1. Light Farms

Located north of Dallas, Light Farms is a beautiful master-planned community with acres and acres of space. The long scenic entrance paints a picture of a rural, tight-knit community and low thru traffic ensures safety. Residents of Light Farms get to enjoy stunning amenities. These include miles of trails, five pools, sports courts, playgrounds, green spaces, a fitness center and so much more. 

Students in Light Farms attend schools in the highly rated Proper Independent School District. Only a few minutes away is downtown Celina, where residents can enjoy all kinds of shopping, dining and nightlife experiences. This suburb is highly sought after for its beautiful homes and exciting activities, all within 45 minutes of downtown Dallas. 

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2. Enchanted Hill

The gated community of Enchanted Hill is located northwest of Dallas and is home to hundreds of custom built homes. This high end community boasts a free membership for residents to The Lakes at Castle Hills. The Lakes at Castle Hills is one of the top golf courses in Texas. 

Here are some of the amenities available here:

  • Golf course
  • Tennis courts
  • Pools
  • Fitness center
  • Dining

Residents can also enjoy beautiful, shaded walking trails, parks and more. Enchanted Hill is the perfect place for those looking to experience the finer things in life. Students in Enchanted Hill are in the Lewisville Independent School District, however many students attend private schools. Residents are close to many big towns and only 30 minutes away from downtown Dallas. Hundreds of people have chosen Enchanted Hill as their home, it could be the place for you too.

3. Harvest

Northwest of Dallas, you can find the unique suburban community of Harvest. What makes Harvest so special is its dedication to wide open outdoor spaces. 

In the center of the neighborhood, there is a professional farm that grows its own food and teaches residents how to grow their own. To support this effort, all residents have their own private gardening plots. 

In addition to these features, residents also have access to pools, a coffee shop, parks and trails, a barn, fitness center, fishing lake, playgrounds and more. 

The 1,290 acre community is part of the Argyle and Northwest Independent School Districts. Its location, smack dab between Fort Worth and Dallas, makes it an excellent place to live. 

Whether you want to spend a night on the town or a day walking through a beautiful museum, there are opportunities all around Harvest for these experiences. 

4. Windsong Ranch

Looking for a suburb with more than just parks and trails? The 2,000 acre Windsong Ranch may be just the place for you! 

Located north of Dallas, this master-planned community offers residents dream homes in a stunning landscape. 

The crown jewel of Windsong Ranch is the Lagoon, a 5-acre paradise with a crystal clear man-made lake. Residents are sure to spend hours and hours hanging on the beach and relaxing. 

Some of the other amenities in Windsong Ranch include parks, a fitness center, sports courts, pools, mountain biking, a community garden and disc golf course. 

Students living Windsong Ranch attend excellent schools in the Proper Independent School District. 

In the area, residents can find all kinds of shopping and dining options. 

Prosper may be a great town for easy living, but that does not mean there is nothing to do. There are hours and hours of activities and experiences to be had in Windsong Ranch and the surrounding area. 

5. Canyon Falls

Inspired by the surrounding rolling hills, the suburb of Canyon Falls is all about scenery. Just by driving into the neighborhood, you will fall in love with the beauty of the community. 

Check out all of the amenities available in Canyon Falls:

  • Graham Branch Creek Preserve
  • Playgrounds and parks
  • Pools and splash pads
  • Fitness center
  • Hay Barn
  • Dog park
  • And so much more

Canyon Falls students attend schools in the acclaimed Northwest and Argyle Independent School Districts. The community is only a 45 minute drive from downtown Dallas. Even so, residents don’t have to go that far to live the high life. 

All kinds of nightlife, shopping and dining can be found in the Flower Mound area. Residents of all backgrounds and ages love living in this fantastic community. 

6. Hollyhock

The community of Hollyhock may be small, but it is by no means boring. It’s tucked away location north of Dallas in Frisco makes it incredibly safe. The 23 acres of beautiful parks, activity center, pools and green spaces are the perfect places to make memories. 

Students in Hollyhock attend schools in the A+ rated Frisco Independent School District. Hollyhock is an especially tight-knit community as there are only 637 homes in the neighborhood. 

However, when residents are looking for some fun they head to downtown Frisco for some great shopping and even better food. The quaint and quiet community of Hollyhock could be the location of your future home. 

Living in Dallas

Life in Dallas is exciting, peaceful and immensely beautiful all at once. There are museums, beautiful preserves and lakes, global dining, entertainment, music venues, coffee shops, high-end boutiques, casual shopping and so much more in the city. It is no wonder that 1.3 million people have chosen to call it home.

Whether you are looking for a gated community with an endless list of amenities or simply a beautiful home on quiet street, you can find it in Dallas. 

The suburbs of Dallas (really – all of the neighborhoods) are incredible places to live with unique features and tight-knit communities. 

Trying to pick which one to move to is like trying to pick a dish at your favorite restaurant. All of the options are five-star.

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