The Woodlands is a master-planned community well-known for its shopping complexes, amenities and beautiful homes. One of the best parts about living in The Woodlands is the incredible schools. Parents get to choose from many wonderful public schools in a few different school districts. 

Conroe Independent School District

The Conroe Independent School District covers most of The Woodlands. This school district provides education for thousands of students in the community. For K-12, CISD has a super low student-teacher ratio of 16:1.

Conroe District History

The first Conroe Public School classes were held in 1886 in a one room schoolhouse called Conroe Mill School. In July of 1892, the Conroe Independent School District was formed. The district was originally 25 square miles which would later expand to 333 square miles by 1925. Now, there are 64 schools and 64,800 students enrolled under the Conroe Independent School District which covers 348 square miles.

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CISD District Boundaries

The boundaries of the Conroe Independent School District west of I-45 and south of 1488 are as follows:

  • South of the Village of Grogan’s Mill
  • Gosling Road south of Flintridge Drive
  • Kuykendahl Road south of Woodlands Parkway
  • Southwest of West Branch Crossing Drive
  • Branch Crossing Drive north of Research Forest Dr
  • Kuykendahl Road north of 1488

Here is the district map for Conroe Independent School District’s high schools. 

Schools and Bus Routes in The Woodlands

There are many elementary, middle and high schools in The Woodlands that fall under the CISD. Here are the schools in the community of The Woodlands:

Elementary School:

  • Buckalew
  • David
  • Galatas
  • Glen Loch
  • Hailey
  • Powell
  • Ride
  • Lamar
  • Deretchin
  • Tough
  • Bush

Junior High School:

  • Collins
  • Knox
  • McCullough

High School:

  • The Woodlands College Park
  • The Woodlands
  • The Woodlands 9th Grade Campus

No matter where your student attends school, they will love it. To find your bus route for the Conroe Independent School District, head to the Conroe ISD Transportation Portal. Conroe ISD does an excellent job of providing a variety of bus stops and routes so that every student can get dropped off close to home. 

The Woodlands School Ratings and Performance

Conroe Independent School District schools are ranked very highly. Here are the schools in The Woodlands that have been ranked in the top ten percent of all Texas schools based on test scores and other performance ratings:

  • Deretchin Elementary School
  • Tough Elementary School
  • Buckalew Elementary School
  • David Elementary School
  • Galatas Elementary School
  • Ride Elementary School
  • Bush Elementary School
  • Powell Elementary School
  • College Park High School
  • The Woodlands High School
  • McCullough Junior High School
  • Knox Junior High School

The Conroe school district, according to the Texas Tribune, has an overall B rating and 95.3% graduation rate. Most schools have high ratings from parents and students, with many praising the staff for being attentive and compassionate. 

Student Body Demographics

There are many students in the Conroe Independent School District. Here is the breakdown for each grade based on the 2019-2020 school year:

  • K-4: 25,150 students
  • 5-6: 10,179 students
  • 7-8: 9,952 students
  • 9-12: 18,939 students

The Conroe Independent School District also hosts many programs and diverse students. Here are more statistics:

  • 13.7% of all students in the district are bilingual.
  • 7.6% of all students are in a gifted program.
  • 24.9% of all students are enrolled in a career or technical program.
  • 8.2% of all students are involved in a special education program. 

These are the things that make Conroe Independent School District unique. Students can encounter different cultures and languages, adapt or introduce new skills and become friends with those at all levels of abilities. 

After-School Activities

Students attending schools in the Conroe Independent School District can enjoy all kinds of after-school activities. Some are led through the school and others can be found at independent centers. Here are only a few:

  • Sports: football, baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, fencing, tennis, swimming, cross country, track, lacrosse and more .
  • Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps (JROTC).
  • Arts: musical theater, fine arts, orchestra, marching band, jazz band, dance, cheerleading, colorguard, chorus and more.
  • STEM: technology, robotics, science fair, graphic design, engineering, mathletes and more.
  • Language and culture clubs.
  • Volunteering: key club, medical centers, museums, food pantries and more. 

There are endless opportunities for students to get involved in Conroe Independent School District in The Woodlands.

Nearby School Districts to The Woodlands

Students who live near the borders of The Woodlands may attend schools in different districts. Take a look at the school districts located around The Woodlands:

Willis Independent School District

Located north of The Woodlands in Montgomery County, Willis Independent School District oversees ten schools with a total of 7,469 students. The district received a B rating based on performance scores with an 86.4% graduation rate. 

Montgomery Independent School District

The Montgomery Independent School District is located northwest of The Woodlands. It has a population of 8,837 students and oversees ten schools. The district received an A rating based on test and performance scores and has a 97.5% graduation rate. 

Magnolia Independent School District

West of The Woodlands in Montgomery County, Magnolia Independent School District has a population of 13,231 students and a total of 15 schools. The district has a B rating based on student performance and a 93.5% graduation rate. 

Tomball Independent School District

Located southwest of The Woodlands, Tomball Independent School District oversees 21 schools with a total of 16,920 students. The district received an A rating based on student performance and test scores with a 96.9% graduation rate. 

The Woodlands: Home For Young Families

If you are looking for high quality schools, beautiful outdoor spaces and a wide range of exciting activities then The Woodlands is the place for you. With over 150 parks, tons of pools, two libraries, plenty of shopping areas and two children’s museums, your student will always have something to do. The safe neighborhood of The Woodlands is a great place to buy a home and raise a family. 


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