The Totally Rude and Roasting Property Finder Quiz of Houston

Are you in search of the best neighborhood in Houston TX, but don't have time to take a quiz only to give you an unwanted result?

Well I got news for you!
I have your custom quiz ready to review with your pre-filled, correct responses! whaddya say?
What price range are you looking to rent or buy in?
CORRECT ANSWER: 1million +
RESPONSE: Oh good I'm so glad someone is using this quiz that is loaded.  We have some great places that will make your life even more perfect than it is already.
RESPONSE: Okay great.  Searching....we found nothing.
RESPONSE: Pretty much all property that you would like is going to be double your budget.
INVALID ANSWER: 500K -1 million
RESPONSE: Man, it's too bad you didn't buy your house 5 years ago- you could have bought double the house.  
Do you prefer to have access to outdoor parks?
RESPONSE: This doesn't matter since you are already loaded and probably already purchased your own park.
RESPONSE: This is just a filler question to make this quiz seem more robust.
RESPONSE: Who does anymore?
Do you need good schools? Yes we are all the way to the fifth question already.
RESPONSE: Great, we can really help you then.
RESPONSE: Try looking at public charter. We are not magicians that can fix the schools especially if your kids are middle school age, are they? !  I have nothing for you.
Do you need a safe location with low crime?
RESPONSE:  well, unless you clicked the highest budget earlier, just lock your doors.
RESPONSE: It is against our terms of use to help criminals.
Given all your answers we can now calculate the best area in Houston and reveal it to you, but we can't show the results to anyone since that is likely to increase demand in this area and you will be even further out of your budget to afford this fantastic neighborhood.

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