A common reason people move to Texas is the affordable cost of living. Even in a popular area like San Antonio, home costs are comparably lower than other metropolitan areas in other states.The beautiful scenery, quality education, and low taxes are sure to attract and the overall cost of living in San Antonio is a huge reason people move this way. 

Using 100 as the national average, here is the BestPlaces cost of living for San Antonio, Texas:

  • Overall: 99.7
  • Grocery: 92.7
  • Health: 95.5
  • Housing: 102.4
  • Utilities: 96.6
  • Transportation: 102.8

San Antonio is less expensive than Austin and Dallas. Compared to other Texas cities, San Antonio is cheaper for things like groceries, healthcare and utilities. To learn more about the cost of living in San Antonio neighborhoods, read on. 

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Fair Oaks Ranch

Located in Bexar, Komal, and Kendall counties, Fair Oaks Ranch is a tight-knit community perfect for families. With beautiful, modern homes and all kinds of amenities, residents of Fair Oaks Ranch enjoy a laid-back lifestyle. Here is the cost of living in this neighborhood:

  • Overall: 134.6
  • Grocery: 98.8
  • Health: 93.3
  • Housing: 209.7
  • Utilities: 101.4
  • Transportation: 112.2

The homes in Fair Oaks Ranch have a median cost of $535,000, which is pricier than other areas of San Antonio. Residents also commute to and from central San Antonio for work. Even with high housing and transportation costs, the beautiful homes and family-friendly atmosphere in Fair Oaks Ranch are worth it to people who own or rent homes here. 

Timberwood Park

The rural Timberwood Park is located in Bexar County. This northern area of San Antonio is still in the process of development. The modern homes have large front yards, perfect for families and people who enjoy spending time outside. Here is the cost of living in Timberwood Park:

  • Overall: 116
  • Grocery: 96.9
  • Health: 93.3
  • Housing: 153.5
  • Utilities: 93.6
  • Transportation: 109.9

Because the homes are new, housing costs in this San Antonio neighborhood are understandably higher. Many residents feel that the higher cost of living is worth it. Timberwood Park is a beautiful, rural escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Canyon Lake

Named after the nearby body of water, Canyon Lake is located in Comal County and offers some of the most beautiful scenery near the city of San Antonio. The homes in this area range from small, ranch-style homes to expansive farms. Here is some cost of living statistics in Canyon Lake:

  • Overall: 105.4
  • Grocery: 95.3
  • Health: 96.1
  • Housing: 115.1
  • Utilities: 99.3
  • Transportation: 104.6

Most Canyon Lake residents have great jobs in San Antonio, which is a short commute away and makes up for the slightly higher costs of housing and transportation. The beautiful lake and quiet atmosphere are an appealing respite from the city. 


In northwest San Antonio is the neighborhood of Helotes. Private homes on tree-lined streets offer an oasis after a long day working in central San Antonio. Here is the cost of living in Helotes:

  • Overall: 102.5
  • Grocery: 96
  • Health: 93.3
  • Housing: 109.6
  • Utilities: 94.6
  • Transportation: 108.7

Helotes is at the far edge of the metro area and is a quiet area to own a home in San Antonio. Although it takes between 20-30 minutes to get to central San Antonio, the rural landscape and large plots of land are key reasons so many families and professionals love living in Helotes

Olmos Park

In central San Antonio is the high-end, historic neighborhood of Olmos Park. Here, you can expect homes priced in the millions. Large Spanish-style and colonial homes with 100-year old oaks are located along shaded streets. Here is the cost of living in Olmos Park:

  • Overall: 167.9
  • Grocery: 93.3
  • Health: 93.3
  • Housing: 329.5
  • Utilities: 94.6
  • Transportation: 100.5

Because Olmos Park is close to where most San Antonians work, they have much lower transportation costs than in other areas. Residents in Olmos Park get to enjoy a wealthy suburban lifestyle close to all of the city’s biggest attractions. 

Terrell Hills

Within Bexar County is the neighborhood of Terrell Hills. Located in northeast San Antonio, this neighborhood contains a unique mixture of historic and modern homes on lush green streets. Here is the cost of living in Terrell Hills:

  • Overall: 151.9
  • Grocery: 98
  • Health: 93.3
  • Housing: 275.5
  • Utilities: 94.6
  • Transportation: 100.5

Homes in this neighborhood have a median cost of $695,000, however there are some available for as little as $200,000. Terrell Hills is in a great location close to central San Antonio. 


Kirby is located in east San Antonio near I-410, I-35 and I-10. This neighborhood is located in a family-friendly area with easy access to central San Antonio. Here is the cost of living in this community:

  • Overall: 82.9
  • Grocery: 89.8
  • Health: 93.3
  • Housing: 55.7
  • Utilities: 95.2
  • Transportation: 97.5

Kirby is the most affordable neighborhood on this list and perhaps one of the most affordable neighborhoods in San Antonio as a whole. The median home cost is $165,000 in Kirby. This neighborhood is a wonderful place to live in an excellent location. 


This master-planned community is located in far northeast San Antonio. Although it may take a while to commute to the city, residents get to enjoy privacy and plenty of green spaces. The community has beautiful outdoor fields and parks, perfect for playing sports and taking walks. Here is the cost of living in Cibolo:

  • Overall: 102.9
  • Grocery: 93.6
  • Health: 114.2
  • Housing: 107.1
  • Utilities: 97.7
  • Transportation: 106.1

This rural area is an outdoor enthusiast’s wonderland, with all kinds of hiking and fishing opportunities. If you are looking for an affordable, family-oriented community that is situated far from the center of the city, then Cibolo may be just the place for you. 

Moving to San Antonio

Neighborhoods in San Antonio, Texas range in affordability. There are some that are closer to central San Antonio which offer lower commuting. Though far from the city may have cheaper housing, transportation costs are higher. If you do a bit more digging, you will find the neighborhood that is the perfect fit for you.

Whether you choose to live in a neighborhood listed above or somewhere completely different, you won’t regret moving to the wonderful city that is San Antonio. Breathtaking scenery, unbeatable education and growing job opportunities are only a few of the reasons why so many are moving here.

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