Although overall crime is high in Austin, that can be expected of any big city. There are over 40,000 reported property and violent crimes committed in Austin each year. These statistics don’t paint the prettiest picture of Austin; however, most residents report feeling safe in their own neighborhoods. It all depends where you choose to move within the area. Some Austin neighborhoods report minimal to no violent and property crimes. Austin Police Department has a great map viewer where you can view up-to-date crime data and even create your own crime maps.

Take a look at the ten safest cities in Austin:

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1. The Hills

The Hills is one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Austin. With rolling hills, cliffs and a view of the beautiful Colorado River, The Hills area is the perfect place to settle down. This area has low crime compared to the national averages. Scored from 1-100, The Hills has a property crime rate of 18.6 and violent crime rate of 10. These are less than half of the Texas crime rate. Residents feel very safe in The Hills and love living in the area.

2. Barton Creek

Beautiful Barton Creek is family-friendly and boasts all kinds of natural wonders. Residents can visit nature preserves, head to the Colorado River or walk through one of the many parks. The property crime rate in Barton Creek is 21.2, which is far less than the Texas state average of 38. The violent crime rate is 11.1 which is half of what the Texas average is. Barton Creek is the perfect place for those who are looking for natural beauty in a suburban landscape.

3. Briarcliff

Located along the coast of the Colorado River, Briarcliff contains stunning views and even more beautiful homes. This affluent community has a property crime rate of 22.7 and a violent crime rate of 12.1. Compared to the Texas state averages of 38 and 24.8, respectively, Briarcliff is relatively safe. Briarcliff boasts state-of-the-art golf courses and incredible amenities, making it a great place to settle down for any family.

4. Hudson Bend

The beautiful coastal community of Hudson Bend is perfect for people who enjoy waterfront views and activities. Boating, kayaking, fishing and tubing are only some of the water activities that Hudson Bend residents participate in. Residents living in Hudson Bend enjoy little to no crime with a violent crime rate of 23 and property crime rate of 12, which is half of what Texas’ state average is. Hudson Bend is a safe and private oasis that is sure to entice any newcomer to Austin.

5. Driftwood

Looking for a safe neighborhood with rocky hills, plenty of privacy and incredible golf and lounging amenities? If so, Driftwood may be just the place for you. The community of Driftwood is one of the safest neighborhoods in Austin. A low crime rate of 10.4 for violent crimes and 18.8 for property crimes makes it an excellent place to settle down. Driftwood residents take pleasure in a slow pace of life and beautiful scenery.

6. Pflugerville

This eclectic neighborhood celebrates its German history through a variety of festivals and events throughout the year. Pflugerville is loved by residents for its small town feel while still in close proximity to downtown Austin. It has a low violent crime rate of 10.7. However, it does have a higher property crime rate of 25, which is close to the Texas state average of 38. With proper home security, Pflugerville is an excellent and safe place to live.

7. Leander

Leander is a large neighborhood north of Austin. It is known for its Texan country feel while maintaining a variety of suburbs. The town of Leander is surrounded by acres of nature preserves and undeveloped land. It is sure to grow immensely in the coming years. Leander is extremely safe with a low violent crime rate of 8.2 and property crime rate of 21.2 Both of these numbers are much lower than the Texas state averages. Leander is an excellent place to live, especially for those seeking a quiet small town.

8. Manchaca

It’s difficult to find such a safe neighborhood this close to Downtown Austin, but Manchaca delivers. The area has a property crime rate of 25.7, which is not bad compared to the Austin rate of 35.1. The violent crime rate is only 13.9, also lower than the Austin rate of 18.8 Manchaca is a small town with affordable housing and an easy commute to the downtown area.

9. Round Rock

Round Rock is one of the quickest growing areas in Austin. With wonderful family-oriented communities like Behrens Ranch and Hidden Glen, the town is sure to continue growing. The area has a low violent crime rate of 10. However, the property crime rate is much higher than other neighborhoods at 32, only slightly lower than the Texas average of 38. Even so, there are many gated communities in the area with little to no property crime.

10. Brushy Creek

The natural scenery in the Brushy Creek area is unlike anywhere else in Austin. Brushy Creek Lake Park, Brushy Creek Greenbelt and Olson Meadows Park are only some of the places where residents get to experience the beautiful views. The property crime rate is a little high at 33 and the violent crime rate is 15.3, slightly lower than the Texas average of 24.8. While Brushy Creek is not as safe as other communities that are listed, there are many opportunities for residents to find safe neighborhoods and gated communities.

Safety in Austin, TX

While crime statistics are a great way to gather an idea of the safety in an area, be sure to check out the specific community you are moving to. While one area may have a higher crime rate, there are always safe communities where crime is almost nonexistent. Remember to always take proper safety precautions such as locking your doors and setting alarms, as you should in any city you may live in. The incredible natural scenery, exciting activities and bustling nightlife make Austin a wonderful and safe place to live.

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