Moving to Jersey Village, Houston, TX

Op Ed:  Moving to Jersey Village, Houston TX

In Spring of 2019 I moved to Houston for a job I’d interviewed for over Zoom… having never even been to Texas. It was a huge decision and I had a lot of concerns. Moving from California, could I handle the flatness? Do they just serve Tex-Mex? Is there sushi? (Everyone has different priorities!)

And the main question - where would I live?

I was moving on my own, so I packed up my little sedan to its brim and made the cross-country move (two days, lots of podcasts). My sister helped me move and we stayed in a hotel for a few nights while looking for an apartment for me. A future coworker had given me all the insights into where he thought I could be happy – where the foodies venture, where the best parks are, and so on, but I really wanted to see the places for myself.

Despite my deep appreciation for a good food scene, my priority was safety.

Having never lived alone, I wanted to make sure my apartment was in a low-crime area in a gated apartment complex. A short commute was also vital because I had just moved from Los Angeles - taking forty minutes to drive five miles gets old fast.

My office was in Jersey Village, so I set up multiple visits to apartment complexes all over the area. The first apartment I saw was at Copper Springs by Cortland. Honestly, I was sold right away, but I decided to give the other apartments on my list a shot for good measure.

None of them offered the same “coziness” or “niceness” as Copper Springs (CS). For me, it was a no-brainer, but here is a breakdown of exactly how I made that decision.

Reasons I chose to live at Copper Springs:

  1. Safety & Location
    CS is gated, right next to Starbucks (with a private access gate between the two), right next to the 290 highway that leads right downtown. All the entry gates require passcodes. Packages are received in a private locker area so there is minimal chance of your packages being stolen. All the apartment doors have deadbolts, and I never once felt unsafe living there.
  2. Amenities
    CS hires the best staff. They’re all kind, intelligent, and professional. They host events like holiday parties and food truck nights for residents. Landscaping is gorgeous, and the pool is great for a hot summer day and for families. There is no hot tub, but you don’t really need one in Houston.
  3. The Gym
    Yes, I know the gym is an amenity, but it deserves its own callout. It is beautiful, with big windows that allow the sun to stream in. CS offers free classes like yoga and strength training a few times per week, and there is also a big screen that has a variety of yoga and biking classes pre-loaded onto it. I didn’t need a gym membership because the CS gym was so convenient.
  4. It’s just… nice
    Niceness”, as defined by me: A quality derived from a combination of amenities, cleanliness, and general vibe.
    The moment I stepped foot into my apartment, I felt at home. That feeling is in your bones, but I think it comes from CS knowing what people want. Simple, clean units with granite countertops, large closets and windows, touchless kitchen faucets, and outdoor space. Excellent customer service, a community feel. From my experience, they deliver on all fronts.

Honestly, this all comes at a really decent price if you’re moving to Houston from out of state (or to Jersey Village from downtown Houston). If I had to do it all again, I’d make the same choice.

Over time, I developed an opinion of Jersey Village area itself:

It’s kind of weird at first glance. Don’t know how else to say it. Driving through, it looks like an un-zoned combo of car dealerships, apartment complexes, a few little neighborhoods, and industrial buildings. But if you immerse yourself a bit, you’ll discover a few gems. Like the perfectly-measured one-mile loop I used to run on after work, or the Yoga Dragon studio.

Food options are present in Jersey Village, just sometimes hard to find. We all have Google so I won’t go into details, but there is some decent Asian food (Thai, Vietnamese, poke, and sushi!). It has all your staples, too: Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Jersey Mikes, Raising Canes, and Free Birds. The sit-down options are basically Lazy Dog, Backyard Grill, or my personal favorite - Jin Ya Ramen. It’s easier said this way… food is fine for workdays, but go downtown (Houston or Cypress) for weekend outings or dates.

Speaking of weekends and downtown - it’s so easy to get downtown! Jersey Village is close enough to downtown to do fun adventures on the weekend, while offering the safety some of the downtown areas can’t.

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