Kingwood is one of the most popular neighborhoods to live in Houston, Texas. Also known as the “livable forest”, all of the homes are nestled in lots with towering trees and beautiful natural scenery. In Kingwood you can find beautiful parks, exciting shopping and dining, great schools and all kinds of amenities. 

The 15,000 acre master-planned community was developed by the Friendswood Development Company and King Ranch. With a 75-mile trail system known as the Greenbelt that is accessible from all villages, the area is perfect for those looking for a safe place to live that is highly walkable. 

Continue reading for reviews on the builders, restaurants, schools and crime in the area.

Neighborhood Reviews: Kingwood Area

The community of Kingwood is loved by all residents. Kingwood is highly rated on many different community review websites. 

Here are the standouts from local reviews of Kingwood neighborhoods:

  • Walkable, quiet and safe
  • Excellent schools
  • Beautiful homes and yards
  • Easy commute to Houston
  • Thriving businesses
  • Affordable to expensive housing

While residents do love Kingwood, there are some things that they feel need to be improved upon:

  • High flooding risks during hurricane season
  • Lack of diverse creators or outlets for artistic expression
  • Limited entertainment options
  • Moderate traffic on major roads
  • Lack of adult meeting places

Read on for the highlights on other aspects of Kingwood that have been reviewed by residents.

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Kingwood Builder Reviews

The only undeveloped area of Kingwood is the Royal Brook village. There are a few lots left in the community with various home builders to choose from. 

Here are some ratings and reviews on Kingwood Builders from the Better Business Bureau:

  • Trendmaker Homes: this BBB-accredited company has an A+ rating. Customers have not yet reviewed the builder and only two complaints have been filed in the last three years. 
  • Ashton Woods: this builder is not BBB-accredited and has a rating of F. Customers have rated it one out of five stars and the company has received six complaints in the last three years.
  • Drees Custom Homes: this company is not BBB-accredited and has a rating of A. Customers have filed 12 complaints in the last three years and have given it one out of five stars.
  • J. Patrick Homes: this builder has a rating of A and is not BBB-accredited. Customers have rated it one out of five stars and have filed eight complaints in the last three years. 
  • Lennar: this company is not BBB-accredited and is also not rated by the BBB. Customers have given it one and a half out of five stars and have filed 769 complaints in the last three years. 
  • Perry Homes: this builder is not BBB-accredited and has a B rating. Customers have filed 43 complaints in the last three years and have given it almost two stars out of five. 
  • Village Builders: not listed on the Better Business Bureau website. 

People moving into the Royal Brook village will get to choose which builder they would like to construct their home. Homeowners can choose a reputable builder to design and construct a home that fits their style and needs. 

Kingwood Restaurant Reviews

There are many places where you can get an excellent meal in Kingwood. Based on Yelp customer reviews, here are the top ten best restaurants in and around the Kingwood area and where they are located:

  1. The Union Kitchen on Highway 59, four stars
  2. Nukumi Japanese Steakhouse on Northpark Drive, four and half stars
  3. Russian Rush-Out on Meandering Trail, five stars
  4. The Rusty Buckle BBQ Company on Community Drive, five stars
  5. Taste of Greek on Kingwood Drive, four and a half stars
  6. VN’Wich Cafe on Northpark Drive, four stars
  7. El Tiempo on Northpark Drive, three stars
  8. Titas Taco House on Wilson Road, four and a half stars
  9. Italianos on Northpark Drive, four and a half stars
  10. Kingwood Taco Shop on Mills Branch Drive, four and a half stars

There are all kinds of great choices for dining in Kingwood, many of which are enjoyed on a weekly basis by people who live in the area.

Kingwood School Reviews

The schools in Kingwood are overseen by the Humble Independent School District. Kingwood has ten elementary schools, four middle schools and two high schools within its boundaries. 

According to the Texas Tribune, The Humble ISD received an accountability rating of B and has a 96% graduation rate and has a 0.6% dropout rate. 

The school district has very high reviews from parents, teachers and students alike. Here is what they love about the district:

  • Experienced and compassionate teachers
  • High student achievement
  • Adaptable to student needs
  • Great extracurricular programs

No matter what school your student attends in Kingwood, they have access to a reliably solid education and positive learning experiences.

Kingwood Crime Reviews

The community of Kingwood itself has very low crime. According to a crime poll, 78% of residents reported feeling very safe in the neighborhood with only low crime. 

Most of the crime in the Kingwood area occurs in the nearby city of Humble. Kingwood also has a neighborhood crime watch that paroles the neighborhood when police officers are not. 

The community has programs for vacation paroling where police officers will check your home each day while you are on vacation. You can keep up with the latest crime information on the Kingwood crime news page. 

Overall, Kingwood has low crime rates that make residents feel safe and secure in their homes. 

Should You Move to Kingwood, Texas?

Kingwood is an excellent place to live. Beautiful homes, incredible restaurants, quality schools and low crimes are only some of the things that make Kingwood loved by residents. Take a walk on the Greenbelt or go kayaking at River Grove Park. You can find all sorts of things to do at Kingwood. Consider moving to Kingwood and become part of this thriving community.


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