Dallas is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Often, rapid growth changes the makeup of neighborhoods and can increase concerns of safety. Crime rates can be an important tool in deciding which Dallas neighborhood is right for you and your family. In 2021, the Dallas Police Department is recording some upward trends in crime, but categories like robberies are down over 37% compared to 2020.

Using crime rates alongside other metrics—like employment rates and housing market statistics—can help you make a decision when choosing a community in Dallas. Keep in mind that crime statistics in Dallas will vary depending on neighborhood location. 

If you want to know more about Dallas’s neighborhoods, and which ones are the safest, we’ve got the information you need.

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1.University Park

University Park is located in Central Dallas, just eight miles north of downtown. The area has a population of around 24,000 residents and is part of Dallas County.

About the Neighborhood

University Park is a sparse suburban area of Dallas that is known for its more affluent neighborhoods. However, the area is more affordable than its neighbor to the south—Highland Park. Residents enjoy public parks, walkable tree-lined streets and a diverse range of restaurants and bars. Many families move to the area for quality schools, which are ranked in the top three in Texas.

Crime Statistics

The University Park area consistently ranks as a safe area relative to other Dallas neighborhoods closer to the downtown hub. Compared to the Dallas crime rate, University Park has about half the violent and property crime per 100k residents. Across both overall Texas and national metrics, University Park also finishes in a competitive position with 33% less total crime than both averages.

2. Highland Park

Highland Park, located north of University Park, has an estimated population of 9,000 residents. 

About the Neighborhood

Highland Park is part of the Park Cities, an enclave of Dallas that also contains University Park. While both areas are home to affluent communities, Highland Park is ranked in the top ten richest neighborhoods in the U.S.

Residents of Highland Park enjoy a distinct small-town feel without being too far from the nightlife of downtown. The area is known for its walkable streets, great park system and for having top-rated schools in the local district, Highland ISD.

Crime Statistics

Local crime statistics paint a safe picture for the neighborhoods in Highland Park. While it might not beat out University Park for the top spot, crime rates are much lower relative to neighboring areas. For every 100k residents, there were around 2,173 instances of crime in 2019. This edges out most of Dallas and performs much better than Texas and national averages.

The local Highland Police Department wants to keep it that way. Friendly neighborhood foot patrols are common on Highland Park's quiet street. Additionally, a proactive crime watch program helps engage residents in keeping the streets safe while building community trust.

3. Farmer’s Market District

The Farmer’s Market District is an area of downtown Dallas just north of Interstate 30. The area is just south of the Main Street District and is home to about 1,600 residents.

About the Neighborhood

The Farmer’s Market District is part of the eclectic and energetic downtown Dallas scene. It plays an invaluable role in connecting residents with the farmers of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This has made the Farmer’s Market District one of the most treasured neighborhoods in all of Dallas.

The area’s location means you’ll never be too far from downtown hotspots. Living in the Farmer’s Market District means access to the city for work, running errands or just exploring the city’s culture. All this happens via the D-Link DART bus, which quickly connects the area to other downtown districts.

Crime Statistics

The Farmer’s Market District has seen some significant effort in the last few years to make the area a safer residential haven. Most residents will agree, the streets are well lit and safe to walk at night.

As far as the crime rate goes, the Farmer’s Market District has 1,674 crimes per 100k residents. This puts it on par with other safe Dallas neighborhoods.

4. City Center District

The true heart of downtown Dallas, the City Center District contains a healthy mix of commercial and residential spaces. Around 1,600 people call the area home, with both businesses and residences concentrated around Main Street.

About the Neighborhood

The City Center District is where you will find most of Dallas’s notable buildings and parks. Living in the area means being at the base of the megastructures that make up the Dallas skyline. People with homes in the City Center District enjoy Dallas’s top restaurants and entertainment venues.

While the cost of living and housing tends to be higher than other downtown areas, access to city amenities and the growing Dallas job market can’t be beat. 

Crime Statistics

Most residents of the City Center District report that they feel safe walking the streets of the city. Not only are the streets well-lit, but you have a 33% lower chance of being the victim of a crime compared to the U.S. average. This is impressive considering the dense urban surroundings. It is also thanks in part to a proactive police department and active community engagement.  

5. Winnetka Heights

Winnetka Heights is a neighborhood located in the Oak Cliff area just west of downtown Dallas. Around 3,000 residents in the area call the Dallas County neighborhood home.

About the Neighborhood

Winnetka Heights is a picturesque historic neighborhood just across the Trinity River from downtown. The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge connects the two areas and provides residents with a fast and painless commute. Most homes in the area were built before the 1950s, and there is a fairly even split between renters and owners. 

A good portion of Winnetka Heights is considered historic, part of a conservation area or looking to become one. This has created a unique neighborhood feel to the area. Combine this with the proximity to downtown, and you can see why so many families have moved to the area in recent years.

Crime Statistics

The neighborhoods of North Oak Cliff decided in 2007 to take crime into their own hands. Since then, the North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol has made a dent in criminal activity in Winnetka Heights and nine other local neighborhoods. This has made the streets safer and built a strong sense of community trust for residents.

Since the NOCUPP took to the streets, burglaries are down 70%, thefts 50% and vandalism down 42%. The combined effort of both the NOCUPP and the Dallas Police Department has made residents feel happy and safe in their community.

Crime in Dallas

The primary question is this: is Dallas safe? The answer is that Dallas is relatively safe compared to other major cities. With a fast-growing and diverse population, crime rates have been surprisingly low. Many areas have taken a proactive community approach to crime and have seen their efforts pay off. 

Dallas neighborhoods are attractive to young professionals, families and individuals looking for a safe place to call home. 

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