Everyone knows what they say about Texas: bigger is better. And bigger is especially better when you can get a home for a more affordable price than in other states. Cost of living is a key reason so many people are moving to Texas. Perks of Texas living include great schools, no state income tax, beautiful scenery and—not least—inexpensive homes and affordable cost of living. Austin is one of the most happening areas in the whole state.

While Texas homes may be cheaper than in other states, it's also important to look at the cost of living in any given neighborhood. If you have a hankering to move to Austin for the hipster vibe or business opportunities, it’s important to know the price tag. Here is the BestPlaces cost of living in Austin, Texas, using 100 as the national average:

  • Overall: 104.3
  • Grocery: 95.3
  • Health: 94.2
  • Housing: 109.5
  • Utilities: 100
  • Transportation: 113.6

If you want to learn which neighborhoods in Austin, TX have some of the lowest, and highest, costs of living—read on. 

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Barton Creek

This upscale neighborhood is located in west Austin in Travis County. Containing some of the most beautiful and expensive homes in Austin, you can expect luxury at every turn in Barton Creek. Here is the cost of living in this neighborhood:

  • Overall: 241.8
  • Grocery: 99.9
  • Health: 94.4
  • Housing: 556.7
  • Utilities: 98.8
  • Transportation: 111.6

With such a high housing cost, it is no surprise that residents in this neighborhood enjoy a high end lifestyle. Nestled in the woods and hills of Austin, Barton Creek residents love living in their little paradise so close to downtown. 

Lago Vista

Lago Vista is located in Travis County, northwest of Austin. With the Colorado River bordering almost all sides of the neighborhood, many residents enjoy swimming, boating and participating in water sports. This is the cost of living in Lago Vista:

  • Overall: 110.3
  • Grocery: 94.7
  • Health: 94.4
  • Housing: 118.2
  • Utilities: 96.5
  • Transportation: 130.2

Similar to Barton Creek, Lago Vista also has a high housing cost. People are flocking to Lago Vista because of its incredible location with beautiful scenery, as well as its close proximity to downtown Austin. 


Rollingwood is only minutes away from downtown Austin. Natural scenery from Rollingwood Park and the Colorado River are just what residents need after a day working in Austin. Here is the cost of living in Rollingwood, TX: 

  • Overall: 233.5
  • Grocery: 105.8
  • Health: 94.4
  • Housing: 527.9
  • Utilities: 98.8
  • Transportation: 111.6

Because of its prime location in the heart of Austin, properties in Rollingwood sell in the millions. With its tree-lined streets and homes ranging from contemporary to historical, it's not difficult to fall in love with this beautiful neighborhood. 


Northeast of Austin, Pflugerville is the perfect place for those wanting a rural escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Although there are plenty of suburban areas in Pflugerville, they are quaint and quiet. This is the cost of living in Pflugerville, TX:

  • Overall: 105.1
  • Grocery: 93.4
  • Health: 94.4
  • Housing: 111.3
  • Utilities: 100.3
  • Transportation: 114.8

Pflugerville is one of the more affordable neighborhoods in Austin. This is because it is a little farther out from Austin and the bustle of the city. There are also many more affordable housing options, such as mobile homes and apartments. 

The Hills

West of Austin, you’ll find The Hills. This stunning area is surrounded by incredible beauty. Here are the cost of living statistics in The Hills:

  • Overall: 144.5
  • Grocery: 100.4
  • Health: 94.4
  • Housing: 231.9
  • Utilities: 98.8
  • Transportation: 123

This neighborhood is one of the most highly sought after communities in Austin because of its beautiful surroundings and excellent location. The homes in this area are large, more expensive single family homes. 

Wells Branch

Wells Branch is located north of Austin in Travis County. The safe and quiet neighborhood is perfect for families. There are a few parks for residents to enjoy through walking, biking and playing. Here is the cost of living statistics in Wells Branch:

  • Overall: 106.4
  • Grocery: 94.8
  • Health: 94.4
  • Housing: 117.3
  • Utilities: 100.3
  • Transportation: 110.6

This neighborhood is one of the more affordable communities in Austin. With apartments, townhouses and single family homes available, every family is sure to find a home that fits their budget. 

Cedar Park

In Williamson and Travis counties is the neighborhood of Cedar Park. This community north of Austin contains some of the most beautiful parks in the area. Perfect for families, Cedar Park is a wonderful place to live. Here is the cost of living in Cedar Park:

  • Overall: 107.6
  • Grocery: 95.3
  • Health: 92.7
  • Housing: 123.4
  • Utilities: 99.1
  • Transportation: 113.3

Only 20 to 30 minutes from Austin, Cedar Park offers prime real estate. From large, single family homes to small, one bedroom apartments, there is a place for everyone in Cedar Park.

Brushy Creek

For outdoor living, Austin residents should consider Brushy Creek. This community is located north of Austin in Williamson County. This is the cost of living in Brushy Creek, Texas:

  • Overall: 114.5
  • Grocery: 96.1
  • Health: 92.7
  • Housing: 143.1
  • Utilities: 101
  • Transportation: 116.2

Housing in Brushy Creek is moderately priced and in a tight-knit and sought after community. There are four parks, including Olson Meadows Park and Cat Hollow Park. Families love to spend time playing at the parks or walking and biking through the safe streets in their neighborhood. 

Hudson Bend

Hudson Bend is a peninsula of sorts. All sides, except for the southern side, are enclosed by the Colorado River, making the water a focal point of this vibrant community. Hudson Bend is located northwest of downtown Austin in Travis County. Here is the cost of living in this neighborhood:

  • Overall: 139.4
  • Grocery: 98.4
  • Health: 94.4
  • Housing: 223.3
  • Utilities: 98.8
  • Transportation: 112

Homes in Hudson Bend typically sell from the $800,000s up into the millions. With all kinds of exciting activities, a quick commute to Austin and beautiful homes, it's not difficult to see why so many love living in this community. 

Living in Austin, TX

While housing in Austin may be higher than other areas of Texas, residents feel that it is well worth it. The lively community is full of things to do and places to see. Homeowners and renters alike are never bored living in this incredible city. 

Prospective residents are able to find homes ranging from historic mansions to brand new townhouses. Don’t miss out on all that Austin has to offer – a reasonable cost of living and a literal hot spot for commerce and culture. 

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