Bridgeland is a master-planned community in Cypress, Texas. With incredible schools, endless amenities, parks and beautiful homes, residents love living here. Close to Houston, homeowners get the best of both suburban and urban worlds. 

Because there are not many employment opportunities directly in Bridgeland, many people commute to Cypress and the Houston area for work. Residents also enjoy heading to downtown Houston for a day of fun visiting the museums and attractions. Living in Bridgeland, it’s important to know about commute times and where to find the best traffic information. Continue reading for more on traffic and commuting in Bridgeland, Texas. 

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Commuting From Bridgeland to Cypress

Many Bridgeland residents commute to Cypress for work, school or play. The main roads in the community of Bridgeland are:

  • North Bridgeland Lake Parkway
  • Bridgeland Creek Parkway
  • Peek Road
  • Mason Road
  • Tuckerton Road

North Bridgeland Lake Parkway circles around the community of Bridgeland. To get from Bridgeland to Cypress, many residents use House & Hahl Road or Fry Road which both connect to North Bridgeland Lake Parkway. Using one of these roads, outside of rush hour, it only takes ten to fifteen minutes to get to Cypress Towne Center from Bridgeland. 

Once at Cypress Towne Center off of Spring Cypress Road, residents can easily access U.S. Highway 290 and Grand Parkway. These main roads can take residents just about anywhere in Cypress in under twenty minutes.

Commuting From Bridgeland to Houston

Houston can be divided into three distinct areas using Highway 610 loop and the Sam Houston Tollway loop. Downtown Houston is at the very center of Highway 610. Here you can find Discovery Green and much of the business district. The second district, the Inner Loop, is considered everything inside of Highway 610 not including Downtown Houston. The Outer Loop is everything from the Sam Houston Tollway to Highway 610.

To get to the Outer Loop, around Fairbanks, it only takes 20 to 25 minutes using the U.S. Highway 290. To get to Inner Loop, between Memorial Park and Midtown, it takes 30 to 40 minutes. Finally, to get to Downtown Houston, near Discovery Park, it takes about 40 to 45 minutes.

Here are some traffic spots to avoid:

  • 610 Loop near the Galleria Mall
  • North Beltway near Bush Intercontinental Airport
  • 610 Loop between South Post Oak and TC Jester 
  • I-10 between Antoine and Grand Parkway
  • Fry Road and House and Hahl can both get backed up during normal rush hour times.

As with any area, the worst times to travel are between eight and nine in the morning and five and six in the evening. 

Find Traffic Info For Bridgeland, TX

Take a look at a few places where you can find traffic report information in Bridgeland and the Houston area:

There are many other websites and apps that also offer Houston traffic information.

Transportation in Bridgeland, TX

When Bridgeland was first being conceptualized, the developers wanted it to be a space where families could walk anywhere they needed to go. Whether they are heading to school or the park, Bridgeland was designed not only with sidewalks but also a trail system that goes through the community.

Parkland Common is a one-mile trail circuit that cuts through the Parkland area. It was designed to be not only a system of transportation but also a place of leisure. It leads right to Pope Elementary School so that parents can easily walk their children here. Biking is also a highly encouraged mode of transportation in Bridgeland, which is why it was designed with wider sidewalks and bike lanes. 

Lakeland Village Center was also designed to be easily accessible from Bridgeland neighborhoods. To drive from Pope Elementary School, one of the most north points of Bridgeland, to Lakeland Village Center, one of the most southern points, takes only five to ten minutes. 

Public transportation in the Cypress area and much of Houston is controlled by Harris County Transit. They offer a few choices for transportation:

  • Park and ride: park your car in the designated area and hop on the bus
  • Regular transit: track your bus using the RideSystems app
  • Harris County Rides: for eligible residents only
  • ADA Paratransit Services: for disabled residents

Within Houston, you can also use the Houston Metro. This system includes both buses and rail trains. Of course, residents can also utilize ride sharing services such as Uber, Lyft and Carma Carpooling.

Traffic and Commuting: Bridgeland, TX

Bridgeland, Texas is an excellent place to live with plenty to see and do. The cost of living in Cypress is fairly average. With ‘100’ as the average American cost of living, this is the cost of living in Cypress:

  • Groceries: 99.8
  • Housing costs: 106.8
  • Transportation costs: 127.2
  • Healthcare: 92.4
  • Utilities: 96.7

Transportation ranks highest on this list as many residents in Cypress commute to Houston. To save money on transportation you can utilize carpooling services or use the park and ride transportation service. 

While transportation to and from Houston may be expensive, you don’t have to worry about spending money on transportation within the beautiful, and highly walkable, community of Bridgeland. 

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