Texas is one of the nine states with no income tax, which is an immediate win for residents and transplants. But that’s not all. The Lone Star State has a notoriously low cost of living. Even while this cost of living increases closer to major cities, it’s commonly far less than the national average.

The Bridgeland neighborhood is located northwest of Houston, in a city called Cypress. Bridgeland is a master-planned community, occupying 11,400 acres and with about 20,000 homes (or homes in development). Some of the reasons residents are flocking to this area outside of Houston is because of the 3,000 acres of dedicated open space, trails and lakes.

Bridgeland has a range of homes, mostly located in the Parkland Village community, that range from the high 200,000s to about 1.5 million dollars. More than 20 esteemed builders have lots and available floor plans in the Bridgeland neighborhood. A couple of these builders specialize in high-end custom homes, which will be constructed on large lots in gated communities.

Bridgeland has something for everyone and will accommodate families and individuals with various incomes. While the average home price in Bridgeland is currently $463,085, there is plenty of room on either side of that figure, and a cost of living that almost anyone can afford.

Read on to learn more about the cost of living in Bridgeland and why so many people are choosing to make this area their home.

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Bridgeland Neighborhood: Average Cost of Living

There are a few cost of living considerations to account for if you want to move to Bridgeland. What it costs to live in Bridgeland is based on three factors: property taxes, HOA fees and lifestyle factors.

  1. Property Taxes in Bridgeland

As in any state, property taxes are based on your home’s value and location. There are four tax bills that are calculated into the annual property tax rate. These are:

  • County taxes
  • ISD taxes (school district)
  • WCID taxes (Texas water commission)
  • MUD taxes (Municipal Utility District: water, sewage, drainage)

The average property tax rate for Bridgeland homes is about 3.62%. This is admittedly high, especially when compared to the national property tax rate of 1.1%. It is also higher than the average property tax rate in Texas, which is 1.69%. Calculated based on the home values in Bridgeland, property taxes may run from $7,473 a year to $30,951 a year.

2. HOA Fees in Bridgeland

Bridgeland is managed by a homeowners association. HOA fees are typically based on the value of a home, annual taxes and amenities. Bridgeland homeowner amenities include the 6,000 square foot Lakeland Activity Center, a junior Olympic-sized pool, a splash pad and water slides, a lazy river,  60 miles of nature trails with fitness stations, 900 acres of waterways and lakes and more.

Many Bridgeland neighborhoods feature single family homes, but all homes in the community have to pay into the HOA. Fees can vary widely but will probably be between $250-$2,922/year.

HOA Purchase Transfer Fee and HOA Cap Fees

Another important area of possible fees is those that come when you buy or sell a house in Bridgeland. The HOA in Bridgeland (according to Cy-Fair Real Estate Association) applies a purchase transfer fee, enhancement fee and foundation fee for homes being bought or sold. For example, when selling a Bridgeland home, you will pay a transfer fee of $125 as well as an enhancement fee, which is 0.5%. The rates of this are different if you are selling a townhouse.

If you are buying a townhouse in Towne Lake, you may be charged an extra HOA Cap Fee. For Towne Lake buyers, this may apply for five years’ worth of HOA dues, which could put the number at about $4,450 for a $300,000 home.

HOA Fees and Construction

Bridgeland has a few different areas, many of which are still under construction. Some construction companies will chip in for part of HOA fees while they are still actively building in the community. This is important to understand, because it may mean that your HOA fee increases considerably once the building has stopped. It’s important to thoroughly read and understand your HOA agreement, which often constitutes a binding legal agreement.

Cost of Living in Cypress, TX

Compared to the rest of the United States, Texas has a lower-than-average cost of living. According to Best Places, if cost of living in the United States is set at “100,” Texas compares at about 95.4 for healthcare and 84.3 for housing. Cypress, Texas is a bit higher than the state’s overall averages. Here is how the cost of living in Cypress breaks out by category, keeping in mind that a “100” is the national average:

Overall, the cost of living in Cypress is 106.4 

  • Groceries: 99.8
  • Healthcare: 92.4
  • Housing costs: 106.8
  • Utilities: 96.7
  • Transportation costs: 127.2

This means that Cypress cost of living is really comparable to the rest of the country, with the exception of a higher cost for transportation. The higher cost is presumably due to the fact that many residents commute outside of Cypress for work.

Many individuals and families find that the benefits outweigh the slightly higher costs of living in Bridgeland. They recognize that you get what you pay for in terms of amenities and a preferred lifestyle. While Bridgeland does have large, custom-built home options, there are also reasonably priced single family homes. With plenty of access to the Houston job market and entry into the affordable Texas tax structure and low cost of living, establishing yourself in Bridgeland shouldn’t be cost prohibitive. And, if it’s your dream to live in a nature-centric community complete with trails, waterways, and spraygrounds for the kids, it’s well worth it.

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