San Antonio is a great place to live. There are delicious restaurants, exciting nightlife, interesting museums, and a rich culture that make living in San Antonio worthwhile. If you are considering moving to San Antonio, you’ll want to live in a great neighborhood with plenty to do. There are so many incredible neighborhoods in San Antonio that make it difficult to narrow down. Even so, take a look at ten of the best neighborhoods in San Antonio.

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1. Boerne

Boerne is an excellent place to move to in San Antonio. It is a small town that offers all kinds of things to do and see. Only 25 minutes from San Antonio, many Boerne residents commute to the big city for work. The median cost of homes—mostly single-family houses—in Boerne is $432,000. Residents get to enjoy museums, parks, trails, restaurants, bars, horseback riding, and more in this quaint community.

2. Helotes

Helotes has gone from a quiet, rural area to a booming city with plenty to do in just under 20 years. Not too far from San Antonio, Helotes is a great place to live if you’re looking for small-town life nearby to urban excitement. In Helotes, the median home cost is $330,000 with most homes being ranches on large plots of land. For entertainment, residents can visit one of the many parks or enjoy a bite and drink at an incredible restaurant or bar.

3. Stone Oak

The community of Stone Oak contains many beautiful gated neighborhoods and public amenities. Many families live in this neighborhood because it is safe and has plenty of parks for kids to play in. The median cost of homes in Stone Oak is $345,000 as many are mid-size, single family homes. Residents love living in the neighborhood because of the state-of-the-art golf courses and high-end shopping at the Village at Stone Oak.

4. Alamo Heights

Alamo Heights is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in San Antonio. Close to Central San Antonio, many residents commute for work and school. In Alamo Heights, homes sell for a median cost of $640,000 among which prospective buyers can find spanish style houses, cottages, bungalows, ranch style houses and more. The area contains the Alamo Quarry Market, North Star Mall and McNay Art Museum. These attractions and the rich history and culture of the area are what make Alamo Heights so popular.

5. Brooks

Brooks is a master-planned community with mixed residential and commercial space. There are plenty of outdoor amenities, such as the Greenline, and high-end shopping and dining that attracts San Antonians from all over. Based on nearby areas, homes in Brooks may cost anywhere between $150k and $350k. What residents love about Brooks is that they can enjoy a quiet day at the park and finish it off with dinner and shopping at one of the malls in the area. With so much to do, it’s no wonder that people love living in Brooks.

6. Woodlawn Lake

This community is one of the most popular, and exclusive, to buy a home in San Antonio. Woodlawn Lake gets its name from an 80-acre lake in the area where residents can take their boat out or go fishing. The median home price is $248,000 and prospective homebuyers can find homes from all different architectural styles. Those who love culture, history, the outdoors and delicious food will enjoy living in Woodlawn Lake.

7. Castle Hills

The city of Castle Hills is a sprawling residential community that prioritizes family and fun. Located partially in the Inner Loop of San Antonio, the commute is short and easy for many residents. In Castle Hills, the median home cost is $465,000 and most homes are ranch-style bungalows. The community boasts excellent schools and all kinds of shopping and dining. It is especially popular with those who enjoy community events such as picnics and movie nights.

8. King William

The historic and exclusive neighborhood of King William is full of old neoclassical mansions, spanish-style bungalows, victorian homes and many other architectural styles. It is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in San Antonio and for good reason. Due to its excellent location in San Antonio and historic value, the median cost of homes in King William is $452,000. Although the neighborhood is largely residential, visitors can enjoy one of the amazing restaurants or entertainment venues along St. Mary’s Street.

9. Terrell Hills

The suburban community of Terrell Hills is known for its outdoor spaces and high end living. There are acres upon acres of parks, such as Crestwood Park and Playground, and recreation areas in the city. Homes in Terrell Hills sell for a median cost of $700,000. While this is more expensive than other areas, there are more affordable homes available in Terrell Hills. What many residents love most about Terrell Hills is the beautiful surrounding landscape and greenery.

10. Olmos Park

Similar to King William, Olmos Park is a historic neighborhood with homes dating back to the 1920s. With tree-lined streets and dreamy homes, Olmos Park is highly sought-after. Because the homes are so large and historic, the median home price in Olmos Park is $690,000. The neighborhood sits right next to the Olmos Basin Park which contains trails, playgrounds, soccer fields and more. Around Olmos Park, residents can find local dining options that offer many different kinds of cuisines.

Find Your Dream Home in San Antonio

No matter what kind of home you are looking for, you can find it in San Antonio. While the above may be ten of the best neighborhoods in San Antonio, there are plenty more. From quiet, rural life on a ranch to an apartment in the middle of the city, San Antonio is the perfect spot to find the home of your dreams.

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