As one of the biggest metros in the United States and a thriving college town, it is no wonder that the city of Austin has developed some excitingly hip neighborhoods. These neighborhoods attract young professionals, college students, young families and retirees alike. From exciting nightlife to chill coffee shops, you can find it all in these Austin neighborhoods. 

Take a look at six of the coolest neighborhoods to live in Austin: 

1. South Congress 

Close to Lady Bird Lake, South Congress is the perfect place to hang-out and enjoy the local culture. If you are a lover of live music then South Congress is the place for you. Listen to bluegrass, country and blues all within a few blocks. One of the best parts about South Congress are the quirky shops that line the streets. 

Most South Congress residents live in apartments and townhomes, although there are many single family homes. The median home price in South Congress is $380k. Like many downtown neighborhoods, housing is typically located within a few blocks of the most popular section of the neighborhood. South Congress is an incredible place to live with plenty to see and do. 

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2. Rainey Street

Located in Downtown Austin, Rainey Street is one of the most trendy neighborhoods in the area. Colorful bungalows have been converted into small restaurants and shops. Plenty of dining is available at restaurants that serve all kinds of cuisines and live music can be found nightly. Residents and visitors can engage in a cultural education through the Mexican American Cultural Center or the Tejano Walking Trail.

While it is not likely to find a place right on Rainey Street, most residents live in apartments and townhomes that are available a block or two away. These homes can go for between $500k and $1 million. Residents love living in the Rainey Street District for all that it has to offer. 

3. South Lamar

If you are craving a residential life without sacrificing regular nights out, then South Lamar is the neighborhood for you. South Lamar is mostly known for an adventurous dining scene. Try Mexican, Korean, French, Japanese, Greek and more all within this exciting neighborhood. Residents also enjoy spending time at one of the many lounges to listen to live music and grab a cocktail. 

There are plenty of single family homes, luxury apartments and multi-family homes available in the neighborhood. The median home price in South Lamar is $600k. Young professionals and families alike love living in the South Lamar neighborhood. The nearby Barton Creek Greenbelt and many other attractions make it a wonderful place to hang out and move in. 


On the more affluent side of downtown Austin, Tarrytown is home to an exciting array of restaurants, cafes, nightlife and entertainment. The neighborhood overlooks the Colorado River to the west. Golf courses, nature preserves and parks make it a perfect area for those who want a mix between urban excitement and outdoor relaxation. 

Most residents in Tarrytown live in large single family homes. Although, there is more affordable housing to be found in apartments and townhomes. The median home price in Tarrytown is $1.5 million. This neighborhood is especially popular with families and retirees. A short commute to downtown Austin, incredible views and local shopping and dining make Tarrytown a great place to live. 

5. Clarksville Historic District

If you are searching for a quiet neighborhood with plenty of art and history, then the Clarksville Historic District is for you. There are multiple art galleries with local and world-class artists' works on display. Residents who want someplace low-key to hang out will enjoy the locally-owned coffee shops and small stores.

The area of Clarksville is mostly residential with all kinds of housing options available. Homes can range from apartments in the low $200ks to beautiful homes in the millions. The boundaries of Clarksville are Enfield Road, Lamar Blvd, Sixth Street and Mopac Expressway. Residents living in Clarksville love the quiet, yet trendy, vibe of the neighborhood while still being in close proximity to exciting nightlife in other neighborhoods. 

6. Westlake

People looking for cool nature-oriented neighborhoods will love the Westlake area. The natural attractions in the neighborhood include the 227-acre Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve, Colorado River, Bee Cliffs and the Barton Creek Wilderness Park. The One World Theatre hosts a variety of musical talents for the enjoyment of residents and visitors. Not to mention the excellent dining options at every turn.

The Westlake area is mostly residential, with many living in single-family homes. There are a few apartment buildings and townhomes that are available for purchase. The median home price in the area is $1.5 million, however housing can be found for as low as the mid $500ks. Anyone would enjoy living in this thriving, outdoorsy community. 

Trending Austin Neighborhoods

The neighborhoods listed above definitely help to “Keep Austin Weird”. Even then, there are so many more Austin neighborhoods that boast trendy dining and shopping and exciting nightlife. Art, culture, history and music are permanent fixtures in these neighborhoods. Whether you are looking for rows of colorful bungalows or brick townhouses, your dream home is waiting for you in Austin, Texas.  

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