6 Cool Neighborhoods in Dallas

Every year almost 50 million tourists flock to the Dallas Metro area. Whether it be for the Southern charm infused with bustling city life, to watch a football game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, or another attraction that the country’s 9th largest city has to offer. Dallas, Texas is a city teeming with possibilities for visitors and residents alike. Whether you are a Texas resident looking to relocate within the Dallas area, or are new to Texas and looking to make Dallas your home, you will find a wide array of neighborhood options to choose from.

Here are six cool neighborhoods in Dallas to help you start your search:

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1. Uptown Dallas

Uptown Dallas is a chart-topper for cool neighborhoods with its proximity to the downtown area. Finding a single-family home in this area may be scarce, but it is a great option for younger professionals seeking a less residential experience. While Uptown is known for its energetic nightlife, there is something for everyone here; from the tree-lined tranquility that Katy Trail provides to outdoor enthusiasts, to the eclectic shopping and dining options found at West Village.

Uptown Dallas’ housing options consist primarily of high-rise luxury apartments and condos, and the median home value in the area is around $559,064, according to Niche.com. If you are looking for a neighborhood in the Dallas Metro area where city life meets the slower pace that green, walkable trails and parks offer, look no further than Uptown Dallas.

2. Deep Ellum

Cool neighborhoods in Dallas
Deep Ellum in Dallas, TX

Just east of Uptown Dallas sits Deep Ellum—” Texas’ destination for arts, music, and culture”. Where Uptown Dallas offers city life with an urban walkability factor, Deep Ellum is steeped in culture and diversity that exudes a unique, eccentric vibe for all who live and play there. Whether it’s a Tuesday night comedy sketch or a Saturday afternoon art show, residents are never at a loss for enriching, local experiences.

Considering moving to Deep Ellum? This exciting neighborhood has housing options ranging from studio lofts to character-filled apartments set in historic buildings, to newer, upscale high-rise apartments. Picture a day spent entrenched in cultural history and music, strolling through the Bark Park with your furry friend, collecting local art at the outdoor market, and even testing out your green thumb at an urban garden. If this day sounds like a dream, Deep Ellum may be the place for you.

3. Design District

If your appreciation for art runs more towards the fine arts than the eclectic and locally-focused nature of Deep Ellum, you may find that the Design District is more to your liking. Emitting an industrial-chic and modern feel for residents and visitors, the Design District is a luxurious hub of upscale galleries, showrooms, and fine dining. Don’t let the dusty, industrial look of retired manufacturing warehouses that teem the streets of the Design District fool you, this neighborhood is brimming with high-dollar art, home goods, and world-class food.

From the galleries of Dallas Contemporary Museum to the hiking and biking paths of Trinity Strand Trail, to the high-demand steak and seafood menu at Oak, the Design District boasts a wonderful place to live for art lovers and fast-paced city dwellers alike. The median rent cost is $1,635 and almost 100 percent of residents in the Design District are renters enjoying their luxury loft and high-rise apartment living.

4. Preston Hollow

With a nickname like “the Golden Corridor”, the Preston Hollow neighborhood is bound to be a gold standard of living for Dallas residents. Home to some of the most wealthy in the metro area, Preston Hollow boasts a community full of high-end shops and restaurants, as well as wonderful, upscale homes for sale nestled in an abundance of trees, creeks, and hollows.

Where previous neighborhoods in this article had more opportunities for loft and apartment living, Preston Hollow is a more traditional neighborhood to explore, in the sense that most residents retain a single-family home. Due to its more affluent status, the cost of living in Preston Hollow is a 114 on the C2er.org index, as compared to Texas’ score of 91. The median home cost in this neighborhood is around one million dollars, according to niche.com.

5. Highland Park

Situated north of Uptown Dallas, Highland Park is a neighborhood aptly named for its higher ground and profusion of park space. Highland Park is renowned for its time-honored Landmark Pecan Tree lighting ceremony that marks the start of the Christmas season, as well as its emphasis on community involvement and stewardship.

From the many parks and gardens that pepper these highlands, to the bustling community events calendar, Highland Park creates an idyllic atmosphere for individuals and families looking to settle into a community within the Dallas metro area. For those looking to relocate to this wonderful Dallas neighborhood, the median home cost is $1.5 million, according to niche.com.

6. M Streets

M Streets (also known as Greenland Hills) is a modest, suburban neighborhood built on nearly 100 acres of rolling hills outside of downtown Dallas. Driving down the tree-lined roads of M Streets, peppered with unique English cottage architecture, one would never know that they are just a short 5-mile drive from the bustling streets of Dallas’ city center. Due to M Streets being one of the oldest areas in Dallas, conservation efforts are heavily in place to retain the historic charm of this family-friendly neighborhood.

Residents of M Streets enjoy the quaint and relaxed atmosphere it offers; including unique eateries, community events, and some of the very best schools in the city. Whether you are looking for a hyper-local and unhurried way of living or a home where neighbors come to sit on your front porch to talk long into the night, you will find it all in this idyllic oasis on the edge of a hurried metropolis. The median home value in M Streets is around $250,000, according to areavibes.com

Cool Neighborhoods in Dallas

From fast-paced and trendy, to high-end and luxurious, to unhurried and intimate; no matter what setting you are looking for in your next home, each of these six cool neighborhoods in Dallas all has something unique to offer. Whichever neighborhood you choose to land in, the all-encompassing feeling of belonging and opportunity that Dallas has to offer will ensure that your choice is the right one. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s make that move to Dallas, Texas!

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